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5 Best Data Loss Prevention Tools

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5 Best Data Loss Prevention Tools

Securing the delivery of precious data is one of the most crucial requirements that organizations have to meet in today’s day and age.

Data Backup Tapes.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Whether it is financial information or business plans, proprietary software or customer details, safeguarding data is the core of any business’ foundation. Any unauthorized delivery of information to undesignated entities could threaten the very operation of a business – and the safety of all its stakeholders.

That’s Where Data Loss Prevention Tools Come In

Keeping the threats in mind, firms all around the world make it a point to safeguard their data any way that they could.   They make use of data loss prevention (DLP) tools.   DLPs ensure that data is heavily protected while being transferred between end users. This makes sure that no malicious entity can get their hands on the information being exchanged between authorized entities.   If you want to make sure that you are not exposing your data to unauthorized users during delivery, utilizing the following data loss prevention tools could be quite helpful.   Tried and tested for efficiency, these DLP tools would help you steer clear of unwanted data exposition incidents. Without further ado, here are the top 5 DLP tools to help you with your day to day data handling tasks.  

1. Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Considered by many as the industry’s leading DLP solution, Symantec DLP comprises of multiple processes that ensure data protection during the delivery process.   It is compatible with the cloud, which adds to its adaptability to a host of storage solutions. With it, it also remains highly functional for large scale enterprises with its management features.   With a great support staff behind the solution, it remains the top choice for many.  

2. McAfee Data Loss Prevention

This is yet another DLP that has been adopted by large scale enterprises for their day to day processes. Carrying the assurance of a big brand name and the efficiency of a highly secure solution, McAfee DLP does what it is supposed to do for data loss prevention with quite aplomb.   With cloud compatibility and several data management capabilities, McAfee DLP could prove to be the solution you are looking for.  

3. Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention

While it comes from a relatively unknown name when compared to the giant brands mentioned above, Forcepoint DLP has been garnering attention among the business and enterprise sector. Much of it is well deserved.   The solution works with exceptional data management systems across multiple devices. It also assesses the riskiest delivery channels, so you could identify them before it gets too late. And to sweeten the deal, it comes with cloud compatibility to boot.  

4. Digital Guardian DLP

Another obscure yet highly functional solution, the Digital Guardian DLP is another solution that helps against data loss to a large extent.   It comes purpose-built for cloud delivery, and has impressive features in place for ensuring data security from point A to point B. It comes with multiple data management and assessment features and sets in comfortably with enterprise solutions.  

5. GTB Technologies DLP

Another underrated star in the DLP sector, the GTB Technologies DLP is being used by several corporations as their go to solution.   That comes due to the software’s capabilities of being able to work with cloud technology, being adaptable to enterprise functions, and being able to assess and manage data with a host of functions. It is considered as one of the fastest growing DLP solutions in the market and is being adopted by companies from different sectors.   The best way to choose a DLP is by speaking with an expert. This ensures that no data loss is being occurred through your firm while assessing its specific requirements, current capabilities and shortcomings.   If you have a proficient data management team, then they would be the best people to suggest which solutions to go with. Otherwise, you could reach out to a reputable IT consulting firm who would be able to guide you through the process.   But if you are one to make decisions on your own, then one of these DLPs would provide to be the perfect solution for your firm.