How Secure Are Mobile Websites?

We’re using more mobile internet than ever before, meaning we purchase, input sensitive information, and access our bank accounts all on mobile web apps and sites. It begs the question: How secure are these platforms? Let’s talk about that.   Website Security Relies on Many Factors   We would all like to imagine that our… Read More »

What The Mobile Future of the Internet Means For You

In 2017, we saw a shift in power: Mobile internet users and desktop/laptops users both represented half of the statistics. Mobile web use has been increasing over the years, and now it’s aiming to surpass standard desktop use.   Consumers Use Mobile Internet More Often   We’re all hooked on our smartphones these days. Most… Read More »

Landing Pages Are a Staple of the New Era of Web Design, And Here’s Why

Marketing changes by the minute, but there are certain trends that pop up which show no indication of going away. Landing pages have become a crucial part of any marketing strategy, and here’s why:   They Combine Various Points of Marketing   Content marketing, product descriptions, technical information – they all come together in a… Read More »