Ecommerce Site Design Has to Compete With the Big Names: Here’s How to Stand Out

In case you haven’t noticed, ecommerce dominates billions of dollars per year, and it’s not a very widespread market. When you look at the ecommerce giants, such as Amazon (46% of all ecommerce sales), Walmart and Apple, they all have one thing in common: they’re attractive to visitors.   How to Compete With the Ecommerce… Read More »

Six Ways to Know If Your Website Design Is Optimized for Visitors

It’s easy to assume that your website is performing optimally when you’re looking through from the other side. Truth is, your visitors may be encountering problems that aren’t so apparent to you. These are the top six ways to know if your website development has paid off, or if visitors are stumbling around in the… Read More »

Website Design Needs Clear Navigation: Here’s Why

We all understand that having excellent web design is crucial to your brand and overall website structure, but there’s an underlying aspect that requires balance. There’s such a thing as over-designing your site, and not truly focusing on the fundamentals of your website development.   Your Visitors Will Steer Away From a Lack of Navigation… Read More »

Small Business and Responsive Web Design: Why It’s Needed

There’s web design, then there’s responsive design—the ability to adapt to the device and browser that the viewer is using. In the ever-changing digital landscape, we’re seeing the tides turn on mobile internet use overtaking PC or laptop internet use, which begs the question—is your site properly responsive and optimized for mobile? Keeping Up With… Read More »

Are Chat Bots Good For Your Web Design?

The latest craze (that you’ve probably seen everywhere) are chat bots integrated into web dev all across the internet. Some say these are getting out of hand, others say that they’re the most helpful things about visiting certain websites. In truth, it really depends on your industry. When Chatbots Rock It’s a fine line, but… Read More »

Why SSL Security Certificates Are a Must For Your Business In Today’s Age

Website design plays into a lot of things in today’s day and age: responsiveness per device, security, and staying away from the web vulnerability that scares us all just a bit. An SSL security certificate isn’t an option, really—not if you want to actually conduct business with anyone. We are in an amazing time, but… Read More »