Principles of Effective Web Design

If you’re going to have Facet Web Tech create a website for you (and you should!), you must know a few basics to talk to your designer. To be fair, whole libraries of books have been written on web design, so, we begin with the most basic of basics:   1. Be Consistent "Branding" has… Read More »

Ecommerce, the 4th Dimension of Business

Ecommerce accounts for about 10 percent retail sales — over $500,000,000,000 (that’s billion!) per year and growing. Whatever your business model, from an exclusive line of limited products to a wide-ranging supplier with over 10,000 SKUs, Facet Web Tech has the web design tools to help your business build an online storefront with custom-tailored ecommerce… Read More »

Lead Capture Pages Mean New Customers

Brick-n-mortar retailers live or die on getting bodies through the door, and they use every imaginable trick to bring customers in. Ecommerce depends on lead capture pages in the same way — to call visitors to action in an immediate, distraction-free manner.   What is a Lead Capture Page? Lead capture pages include a form… Read More »