Is Your Website Vulnerable? Yes, but Don’t Panic.

Whoever said, "Crime doesn’t pay," was clearly doing it wrong! Likewise, whoever said, "Criminals only hit soft targets," might have been right 20 years ago, but modern hackers like a challenge.   The Bad News One study estimated that 50 percent — half — of all mid-sized organizations (100 to 1,000 employees) got hit by a… Read More »

A Rich User-Experience Yields Steady Customers

With the Internet passing a billion websites and heading who-know-where, your competition is growing daily. Create quality content that gets results takes time, effort and resources. By adding a variety of content types, you can engage in a dialogue with your visitors and create a bond that helps turn visitors into customers. Interactive content creates… Read More »

The Importance of Mobile Device Website Compatibility

Today, most users access the Internet through a mobile device, so, your website must function across multiple platforms — smartphones, tablets and other devices. These are called "responsive websites" and, if you don’t have one, you’re losing people.   Best Practices Optimization is the buzzword in today’s digital marketing arena, and it has numerous meanings…. Read More »