Create Capture Pages Tailored to Your Company’s Unique Objectives

A lead capture page differs from other pages by encouraging your visitors to share their info. Once you have that, each visitor becomes a lead for future offers. Even though that visitor didn’t make a purchase on their first (or second or subsequent) visit, with a lead capture page, you haven’t lost your chance to… Read More »

Online Payment Processing is Vital to Your E-Commerce Success

With so many people buying so much online, merchant services companies have come up with numerous ways to pay, each with advantages and risks. Including as many payment options as reasonably possible means your customers can buy from you however they feel most comfortable.   Payment Options Keep Growing For the old school among us,… Read More »

Optimization is Not a Buzzword, It’s a Key to Success

"Optimization" — making the best of something — should be a no-brainer, but a lot of web development teams still miss it.   It’s Not Just SEO Search engine optimization has been around for over a decade. We all know the Internet-using public won’t search through 300 URLs just to find yours, so you need… Read More »