Your Website is Not Secure. Our Web Security Experts Can Help.

Don’t feel bad, you haven’t wasted all the money you spent on web security, it will keep you safe from most threats. But, we need to be realistic — hackers are everywhere and some of them are infuriatingly clever. Some do it for profit, they are trying to steal your money or your data or… Read More »

Software Customization from the Experts at Facet Web Tech

Next to owning a website, having an application specific to your business could be the best thing for your bottom line. Facet Web Tech can customize an application to your specific products or services. The "smart phone" as a point of sale has exploded! People are doing everything from checking bus schedules to contributing to their… Read More »

What is Web Presence & How Can You Increase Yours?

What is "Web Presence"? According to the dictionary, if you have a website, you have a web presence. Facet Web Tech, however, asks practical, real-world questions: Is your web presence noticeable? Is it positive? Does it move you closer to your goals?   We call it the World Wide Web for a Reason You are… Read More »