Building Sales via Social Media

Looking for the "next big thing" to increase your sales? Forget it and focus on today’s big thing – social media marketing – that’s where sales are happening right now! Facet Web Tech is the leading source for effective e-commerce web design in Peoria and the surrounding Illinois communities. We can make social media work… Read More »

Your Software, Version 2.0

How much off-the-shelf and custom software do you use? When was it written? How much have computers and the Internet changed since then? Is your software still providing optimal service to your business and customers? How could you possibly answer these questions, you’re not software developers! You just need to call Facet Web Tech, Peoria’s… Read More »

You can make your website more secure

In addition to hiring technical experts like Facet Web Tech for your cyber security needs, you can do a lot to reduce your own vulnerability. For example:   1. Have a Backup It’s the most important item on the list because no system is perfect. The bad guys win a few, so be ready. Have… Read More »