Bot, Bot, Who Got the Bot?

A bot ("web robot") is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Most are harmless and useful; some are like viruses. If you’re worried about getting infected — and you need to be — Facet Web Tech can inoculate you.   Cybersecurity is Vital Just a half-century ago, smallpox infected 15 million… Read More »

A Whole New CyberWorld

How many apps have you installed on your smartphone over the past couple of years? You probably started with games (from classics like chess to brand new stuff like Candy Crush). You then added shopping (from major retailers to local grocers or specialty shops). Certainly, you didn’t forget banking, news, entertainment, tools — the list… Read More »

Show’em What You Got!

A generation ago, TV commercials were the exclusive realm of big companies with big budgets. Technology has changed all that. Today, your smartphone or digital camera is almost as good as anything in Hollywood, and videos posted on YouTube, your own website or social media can effectively demonstrate your products and their value to your… Read More »