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Conversion Funnels Mean More Dollars for Small Businesses

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Conversion Funnels Mean More Dollars for Small Businesses

Today’s business website needs to be focused and responsive. If you’re selling something, either your website funnels customers to the checkout page or you’re doing it wrong. Major conglomerates spend millions to optimize their path to sales; the small companies in Peoria’s business community need affordable web design that delivers. Facet Web Tech is the best website builder for small business in Central Illinois; we should be your partner.

Good Enough Isn’t
You might think, "I have a website that works, and returns are not so bad for what I paid." As one wise man once said, "There is nothing so bad as something that is ‘not-so-bad’." Your goal should be getting every visitor to take some action — buying something or downloading a free guide or signing up for an email list. Your goal should be to get every customer to take some action that connects them to you. That is funneling.

Revising Your Site to Improve Flow

Make your target market conscious of your product. (Get them to the website.)

Build curiosity about your product. (Show them the features.)

Plant and nurture the want (Show them the benefit.)

Ask for the purchase. (But include lesser options if they’re not ready to buy at that moment.)


There are, literally, thousands of approaches and combinations of approaches to improving your funneling. For item 1, as an example, some potential customers will respond better to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, others to organic searches (Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google, Yahoo), still others to social media. Knowing your target audience will tell you which.
For item 4, give them options. They might not need what you sell right now, so offer a little something — a downloadable guidebook, an email newsletter subscription, something that gives them good advice that they will use someday. It doesn’t even have to be about your products or services, as long as it has "Courtesy of your friends at" with your name, logo and contact info plastered all over it. (By the way, if you need some little giveaway like this, we have partners who can provide it, courtesy of your friends at Facet Web Tech!)

"I’m a Florist, I don’t know PPC from PVC."
You are not alone; we don’t know everything — no one does. We partner with accountants and an ad agency and others and we trust their advice. Facet Web Tech is the leading source for web design in Peoria, Illinois, and the surrounding area. Trust our advice in our arena; we offer affordable small business web design and many other services that will improve your bottom line.