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Business Owner’s Guide to Cyber Fatigue

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Business Owner’s Guide to Cyber Fatigue

Is your company struggling to maintain a culture of cybersecurity? If so, you may have a case of the dreaded “cyber fatigue.”

What is cyber fatigue and how can my company beat it?

Like any kind of fatigue, cyber fatigue is characterized by a tiredness surrounding cybersecurity practices. It can affect an entire organization, or just the business owner.

What does cyber fatigue look like?

Cyber fatigue may look like using “easy” passwords so you can access sites and programs faster. It may look like leaving your computer unlocked when you step away from your desk, even though you know it’s safest to log out first.

While these are just a few small examples, where cyber fatigue really takes its toll is at the management level. Many business owners grow tired of having to source new cybersecurity solutions to stay safe. They may feel like it’s grown too complicated—just a couple years ago, didn’t we only need an antivirus to stay safe?

The top three contributors to cyber fatigue? Vendor complexity, changes in compliancy, and employee training.

Vendor complexity is a large reason for the growing phenomenon of cyber fatigue. If you are attempting to source all the individual programs, software, and hardware required to keep your company safe, you’re probably completely overwhelmed by choice.

Another reason business owners cite for cyber fatigue in their organization is difficulty staying on top of trends and updating regulations around compliancy. This is especially true in industries like medical, insurance, and finance, where the laws and regulations change rapidly. On top of running a business, it can be nearly impossible to stay informed on every component of compliancy.

Lastly, the most prevalent reason for cyber fatigue is lack of employee education. As we’ve written before, training your team is the best and most cost-efficient way to prevent breaches and attacks, and can work to improve morale as well. However, education takes a lot of time if you don’t have the right resources and tools, and is another huge burden that generally falls on the business owner.

How can I fight cyber fatigue in my business?

The best way to fight cyber fatigue in your organization is to work with an expert like Facet to devise a cybersecurity plan. We only work with trusted vendors to provide our clients with cybersecurity solutions that are proven to deliver. This takes the guesswork out of security options!

Through Facet managed services, you also get plenty of resources and materials for employee training. These resources include phishing simulations, video courses and more that we can deploy for you. Phishing simulations have been shown to be a highly effective defense against ransomware, so don’t sleep on this!

If confusion around compliancy is holding you back from becoming fully secure, talk to us about compliancy solutions that we can manage for you. Whether you need help with HIPAA or other compliancy standards, the Facet team can help navigate you to where you need to be.

Ready to get secure?

Contact us today using the form below, or simply give us a call at (309) 689-3900. We provide complimentary security assessments and can help you create a roadmap to better cybersecurity. Already have an IT provider? It never hurts to get a second opinion, and our no-pressure assessments mean you can get a full picture of the work that’s being done from an honest third party.

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