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Dark Web Monitoring and Email Breach Prevention

Is your data available on the dark web? How would you know if it were?

The dark web looms large in the imagination of TV and movies, but there are real threats of stolen data and information exploitation on the dark web every day.

Is there anything about your company or yourself that you wouldn’t want up for sale? Passwords, bank information, customer data… all of these things are targets for bad actors looking to make a quick buck.

Cyber criminals offer lists of passwords and information for sale on sites that are difficult for most normal people to find and access. Sometimes these are lists from known breaches of online services, and others are targeted attacks on a specific person or company.

As a decision maker, you may be in a position that could benefit from dark web monitoring and search services. We use state of the art tools and methods to stop attacks before they tarnish your company’s good name.