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Ecommerce Site Design Has to Compete With the Big Names: Here’s How to Stand Out

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Ecommerce Site Design Has to Compete With the Big Names: Here’s How to Stand Out

In case you haven’t noticed, ecommerce dominates billions of dollars per year, and it’s not a very widespread market. When you look at the ecommerce giants, such as Amazon (46% of all ecommerce sales), Walmart and Apple, they all have one thing in common: they’re attractive to visitors.


How to Compete With the Ecommerce Giants


Let’s face facts – there may never be another Amazon.com, but every spot from second place downward is up for grabs if you’re good enough. With billions of dollars in sales every year and new solutions, people are ecstatic to shop online and love receiving packages. So, what’s the main way to outclass other ecommerce sites?


It all comes down to design. If your mechanisms for pricing, shipping, and user-friendly, SSL-encrypted payment options are all set into motion, you’re doing great. However, nobody can shop your store if they can’t see it.


Navigation Is the Word


If your products don’t appear in an easy-to-load, simplistic fashion, then you’re going to fall short of competitor brands. Visitors want quick information, particularly when they’re conducting research for a particular product, and wish to compare features. With ecommerce sites, you have more to think of than just standard web pages and blog post interlinking. Everything has to be connected in some way or another. Navigation through privacy policies, warranty information, carts and other features are all crucial things that users need to be able to access with ease.


How Does Design Really Help?


With your business, products, and BOS in place, you need a website that’s going to be constant PR for your brand. Every page of your website is an opportunity to reel in your customers, and show them why your ecommerce site is the ultimate solution for their shopping needs. Bad navigation and design will steer them away.


Ecommerce Website Design in Peoria, IL


Launching or revamping your ecommerce brand? Don’t go it alone. When you’re competing with the giants, there’s a lot that you need to consider, and not enough time to get it done. That’s where we come in with cutting-edge solutions and website design that’s exactly what your customers want to see. Contact us today to learn how you can take your ecommerce brand into an entirely new direction.