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Is Your Website Vulnerable? Yes, but Don’t Panic.

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Is Your Website Vulnerable? Yes, but Don’t Panic.

Whoever said, "Crime doesn’t pay," was clearly doing it wrong! Likewise, whoever said, "Criminals only hit soft targets," might have been right 20 years ago, but modern hackers like a challenge.


The Bad News

One study estimated that 50 percent — half — of all mid-sized organizations (100 to 1,000 employees) got hit by a cyber attack in the last year. In 2017, over 16 million people were victims of identity theft. Ransomware — where a hacker encodes your data and demands payment to decrypt it — can cost victims anything from $2,500 to $50,000 per attack.


Don’t Get Scared, Get Ready!

Facet Web Tech has been a leader in Central Illinois’ computer community since the days of the 486 processor. We know cybersecurity — the hacks and the fixes. If you’re unsure of your vulnerability (and you should always be a little unsure, a measured paranoia is a vital survival skill), we have the tools. We will determine your vulnerability level. Our website security team can then plan a course of action to ensure that your website is as safe as possible.

Our experts will install the latest patches and cybersafety features to your website to prevent attacks. Once your cybersecurity plan is in place, we don’t abandon you to the cy-barbarian hordes of hackers, thieves and data-nappers. We’ll monitor your site for potential threats. If somebody tries to break in, we’ll know about it and defend you against it. We usually stop the attack before you even know it happened.


"Oh, They Got Me!"

Wish we could guarantee no hacker will ever have you saying that, but no system is perfect. Technology, both hardware and software, changes constantly, and sometimes, the bad guys win.

If they do, Facet Web Tech offers full-service cleanup and repair for your website. We’ll get you back online with all possible speed. Your website is your most public face. Downtime costs you money. If you’re in a privacy-oriented business (banking, medicine, law, etc.) a data breach could open you up to serious legal liability. It’s the same for us, and we take your breach as seriously as if it was ours.


We Are "The Pros from Dover"

Well, Peoria, really, but we’re just as good as those proverbial outside experts. We can take down even the worst website hacks and restore your page to its original state (Illinois, not Delaware!). We’re a small business, just like you. We know what the loss of even one day’s business can mean.

Call 309-353-4727 or email web@facettech.com and you’ll be talking to Peoria’s premier cybersecurity team. Backed by decades of technological leadership in Central Illinois, Facet Web Tech is the watchful eye your website needs.