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Supplemental IT Staffing

Facet Technologies, Inc. offers more than simply supplying your operations with IT infrastructure and computer networking solutions.

The team of Facet Tech is selectively qualified to provide flexible and highly professional IT consulting and staffing services that sustain the revenue you expect from your investments. To learn more about Facet's IT staffing solutions and contact Facet, today.

Examples of Supplemental IT Needs:

  • Staff is too busy to get to lower end work (all those "when we have time" tasks)
  • Staff  is too busy to get to higher end work (looking at the forest, and not just the trees)
  • Company needs a backup plan to rely on for IT department vacation/sick time

  • Multiple locations needing someone close to your other stores for quicker on-site support

  • Outsource only where you need the support, rather than hiring additional full-time IT staff

  • Expertise in Multiple areas of IT

  • Consultations on current network capabilities, as well as future upgrades and projects

  • Help Desk Support ability to offer "24x7x365 Support"

  • Various managed services including managed backups, system monitoring, and more

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Featured Client

Trish Fulk

I have to say. I had never needed a tech person before till now. I bent my flash drive and it had so much information on it, I was devastated when it would not transfer to my laptop. I took it to Facet and they were able to get all my information off of it very quickly! How relieved I was! Thank you so much Facet (Pekin) for helping get my information off the damaged flash drive! You guys rock!

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