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Optimization is Not a Buzzword, It’s a Key to Success

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Optimization is Not a Buzzword, It’s a Key to Success

"Optimization" — making the best of something — should be a no-brainer, but a lot of web development teams still miss it.


It’s Not Just SEO

Search engine optimization has been around for over a decade. We all know the Internet-using public won’t search through 300 URLs just to find yours, so you need a consistent, but flexible, long-term plan to keep your name and web address at the top of the search listings. It’s time to think beyond Yahoo, Google and Bing lists and create seamlessly-coded sites that also load fast, crawl up and down smoothly and are properly indexed, leading to higher search engine rankings.

Among the (seemingly) endless details to plan as you’re developing your website, there are three keep-it-simple-stupid essentials that need to be top of your priority list: (1) A high-visibility message that tells the customer exactly who you are and what you do. (2) Product/service information so concise and clear that it cannot be misunderstood. (3) A clear call-to-action that urges your visitor to open their wallets.

In addition to this basic SEO, you want a website that balances that calls-to-action with lead-capture pages (so you know who those not-buying-today visitors are) plus planned conversion funnels bringing every visitor closer to a meaningful conversion.


It’s Not Just on the Computer, Either

The desktop gave way to the laptop, which is now giving way to mobile devices. With the majority of Internet users coming through a tablet or smartphone, your company’s website has to function on every type of platform. Having a responsive, mobile-friendly website, by the way, is now another pivotal factor impacting your search engine placement.

You might have noticed a change in ads over the past few years. It used to be that commercials had a company website URL at the bottom. Today, that same commercial might have a half-dozen social media links. It’s become an old joke, a group of kids are in a room together but still only chatting via social media. Well, it wouldn’t be funny without a bit of truth in it. We depend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media to keep connected with family and friends, and we trust family and friends to give us good advice. You should be part of that conversation.


It’s the Ever-changing Cyberworld

At Facet Web Tech, our web design and development experts craft your business’ web presence from the foundation to the rafters. We build custom websites that are well-optimized to match your brand’s image, SEO-friendly, mobile-ready and social-media conscious. Call us or drop by our Peoria, Illinois, offices. We’ll do you proud.