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What To Do If Your Company Is Hit By Ransomware

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What To Do If Your Company Is Hit By Ransomware

How to respond to a ransomware attack and prevent further breaches. Photo of a motherboard with a skull and crossbones on it.

You’ve Been Hit By Ransomware… What Should You Do Now?

If your company has suffered a ransomware attack, it’s important to act fast to limit the damage and remediate the situation in order to minimize losses.

Even if you have avoided ransomware in the past, it’s important to formulate a disaster recovery plan if you do get hit in the future.

A solid security stack can go a long way to prevent ransomware and other data breaches. With tools like AI antivirus and best-in-class security options, Facet customers have peace of mind knowing they have greater protection.

Continue reading to see the steps you should take if you are the victim of a ransomware attack.

  1. If you have an IT provider, contact them immediately.
    • If you have a managed services agreement, contact your provider quickly. They may be able to take steps that limit the damage and restore a backup of your data so you can get back to operations as normal. This normally includes quickly taking your network offline at the switch level.
    • This is the first and most important step to take if your organization is hit by ransomware. This can prevent further damage done to your system if the malware has not yet spread fully. Understand that if your computers are networked, there is a chance that more than one device is affected.
  2. If you don’t have an IT provider, contact a local firm specializing in ransomware recovery.
    • If you do not currently have an IT provider, call a local firm that specializes in ransomware recovery. At Facet, we provide ransomware response services to companies in Peoria and the surrounding areas. The faster you contact us, the better. Ransomware is a time-sensitive issue because a quick response can minimize losses for your company.
  3. Do not immediately pay the ransom.
    • The FBI and other government agencies do not recommend paying the ransom in an attempt to get your data back. This can even be considered illegal. Often, the hackers will further extort you for money after returning partial data. We have also seen trends lately of hackers trying to demand more money to keep sensitive customer data private. In most cases, it is best to minimize interactions with the hackers and not pay the ransom.
  4. Report the breach to the authorities.
    • The FBI’s cyber crimes unit tracks ransomware attacks on individuals as well as businesses in the U.S. and uses the information to compile reports and fight further attacks. If you have a breach, it’s important to submit a report about the incident.
  5. Work with your IT provider to restore backups and remove any malware from your systems.
    • Once you’ve called in a professional IT provider specializing in ransomware recovery, you may need to provide information on your systems and networks to them so they can get your networks up and running again in a timely manner.
  6. Inform your clients and stakeholders.
    • For liability reasons, you must inform your clients and stakeholders as soon as you can do so safely. While it’s a difficult thing to do, it is both the ethical choice and can protect you and your clients.
  7. Take preventative action to stop future attacks.
    • There are steps you can take as a company to prevent future attacks, especially attacks via email. Regular phishing simulations have been proven to help immensely with email hacks, for example. Talk with an IT provider in Peoria like Facet Technologies to learn more ways that you can harden your business against attacks and hacks. We have solutions like AI antivirus, dark web monitoring, and email filtering that can keep your employees safer and protect your profitability. You may also look into a solution like a 24/7 security operations center (SOC) that keeps eyes on your network at all times.

Remember that ransomware attacks happen to businesses of all sizes and are an incredibly common occurrence. With the right response, your business can come out of an attack stronger and more resilient against future incidents.

Facet Technologies provides IT and managed services to over 5,000 businesses across the US and Canada. With our Peoria, IL-based team, we respond to ransomware incidents and help businesses restore data and prevent further damage to their network.

Facet’s managed services clients are protected with a security suite designed to prevent attacks and breaches. We also offer free employee training videos and phishing simulations that have been proven to reduce the risk of data breaches.

Do you need help with ransomware attack cleanup, or would you like more information on our managed security offerings? Contact us via phone at (309) 689-3900 or fill out the contact form below.

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