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Show’em What You Got!

A generation ago, TV commercials were the exclusive realm of big companies with big budgets. Technology has changed all that. Today, your smartphone or digital camera is almost as good as anything in Hollywood, and videos posted on YouTube, your own website or social media can effectively demonstrate your products and their value to your customers. You already know Facet Web Tech is the place to call for web design, call on us to help you move into the next generation of web presence.


Today’s Best Practices
Can you believe some people actually thought talking pictures were a fad that would be gone as suddenly as it arrived? Some people just don’t see the potential of new or improved technology. Talking pictures were more lifelike than silents. Color was more lifelike than grayscale. BluRay has better resolution than DVDs. Companies that aren’t embracing the future are getting left behind by it.
If you have a product that solves a problem, let people see it happen. Some technology appears to be idiotically complex, but it’s really simple when you know how to work it, so show the customer how it works. Let your web presence include shortcuts, tricks of the trade, why your products outclass your competitors’ junk.

E-commerce is big and will keep on growing.

In e-commerce, your online presence is your sales force. Every video upload is another reason for your current and potential customers to buy from you.


What’s this Going to Cost Me?
So much less than you think! Numerous colleges and many high schools have video production facilities and courses. Students learn by doing, and they earn credit for helping build your business. Thousands of amateur auteurs will do a documentary, a commercial or a vlog (video blog) for you at very reasonable rates. If you plan to do a lot of video uploads, investing in a few pieces of quality equipment and a few classes for an employee may bring huge returns. (Not to mention big laughs when the blooper/gag reel hits your next company party!)


Seeing is Believing
Facet Web Tech is your complete web design and development partner in Peoria, Illinois. We can consult on strategy, help you decide what type of videos to produce to maximize your web presence and the return on investment. We can look at your videos with a critical eye and help you decide if they really meet your goals. When it does, we can integrate that video into your website so it really stands out and makes the statement you need it to make.