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Small Business and Responsive Web Design: Why It’s Needed

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Small Business and Responsive Web Design: Why It’s Needed

There’s web design, then there’s responsive design—the ability to adapt to the device and browser that the viewer is using. In the ever-changing digital landscape, we’re seeing the tides turn on mobile internet use overtaking PC or laptop internet use, which begs the question—is your site properly responsive and optimized for mobile?

Keeping Up With The Billionaires

Website development isn’t just about being responsive, though—you have to keep up on trends within your industry. Fortune 500 companies simply throw money into design, and their experts take care of everything. They pay for what they believe the best to be, and they get a good end result out of it.

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I compete with that?” you’re not alone. Countless others wonder why they can do to replicate the effects of major corporations’ website development. Make it attractive to the eye, make it responsive on every device, and make it your own—you don’t need to replicate success, you need to strike out on your own path.

Keeping Customers Enveloped

If you’re not keeping customers on the page, there’s an issue. A lot of customers make their decision about staying on a page within the first few seconds. It’s based on design, if there’s too much content to read, and more, but the biggest issue is having your website respond and load quickly. When it doesn’t load fast enough, users are just going to tap or click the back button, and head through Google’s directory.

If you don’t keep your customers enveloped, you won’t be able to drive on through to the reason that everyone is visiting your website—whether that’s increasing traffic, driving ad revenue, or funneling them into become a customer, you need to get the point across. You can’t do that when the page doesn’t even load. It also affects your SEO and makes you less visible in search engines.

The Digital Landscape Needs Small Businesses

There’s a unique opportunity to get a corner on whatever your market is, and it’s due to one key factor: people are getting sick of big businesses being in their face all the time. As a small business, you have the opportunity to get before eager eyes, and prove yourself with proper design. Feel like a big business, but operate like a small one. That’s a huge part of it.

Get the head start on your new, responsive design with Facet Web Design and get customers where they need to be—in front of your brand, reading your message, entranced by your fantastic display.