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Facet Home Control

The smart choice for your smart home needs.

Smart tech that just works.

Facet's home tech makes connecting your life easy.

Enhance your space with tools that make coming home simple and enjoyable. The 'internet of things' is expanding every day & Facet helps you sync it all together and make it work to make your home a smart home!

Read through our highlights below to get a feel for all the opportunities there are to make your life easier and bring true tech peace of mind home.

Imagine your home being this smart:


Your TV kicks on at 6:00 AM. Your blinds open at 6:10 AM, and your thermostat goes up by three degrees. You shower and walk downstairs and your lights turn on.  You ask for the top news updates while you drink your coffee. When you’re ready to go, you pause at the door to tell Google Home that you are leaving: all your lights go off, the TV turns off, the doors lock, the temperature drops five degrees, all blinds close, and the coffee pot outlet turns off. You head to work with peace of mind.


Your smart home still knows what you need to know. While you’re hard at work, your doorbell camera stays on alert for suspicious activity, the basement is monitored for water and humidity, and your thermostat begins to heat your house half an hour before you’re due to arrive.


As you pull into the driveway, your garage door opens, the lights kick on, the door unlocks, your favorite music starts playing, and shades open up. The pictures you have taken today automatically get backed up and your fireplace begins crackling.  After dinner, with one command, your smart TV fires up, living room shades close, lights dim, and ESPN is on.


You let your smart home know that you’re going to bed. The TV and fireplace turn off, your thermostat drops three degrees, all shades close, all doors lock, and your bedroom light kicks on. You drift off with total peace of mind.

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Smart Assistants

Find a smart solution for your whole home—with smart assistants such as Google Home or Amazon’s Echo, Facet can enable your smart control home setup to respond to voice commands, now easier than ever.


With learning thermostats from Facet Home Control, you can lower your heating and cooling costs significantly. Our solutions are friendly to the environment as well as your checkbook!

Humidity & Moisture Alerts

Never worry about your basement or other water-prone area flooding or mildewing with humidity, temperature and moisture alerts from Facet Home Control. This technology can send alerts to your phone and gives you 24/7 access to conditions.

Programmable Remotes

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of remotes you need just to operate your TV or home entertainment system? Find a better way with a programmable remote from Facet Home Control.

Home Audio

Play different music in each area of your home and control it all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We even have outdoor audio options for your pool or patio! Join the home audio revolution with Facet Home Control.

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells from Facet Home Control can do more than ever, with integrated cameras that stream right to your smartphone even when you’re not home.

WiFi Solutions

Is your WiFi network too weak to reach throughout your house?  We have solutions to extend and strengthen your WiFi signal so you can access the internet everywhere in your home, even in large houses.

Auto Photo & Data Backup

Keep your photos and other data safe on the cloud with backup solutions from Facet Home Control. We make it easy for your photos and other documents to back up automatically to the cloud when you come home for the day.

Smart TVs

Connected entertainment from Facet Home Control gives you the full home theater experience—now offering 4K Ultra HD technology and the latest options to enhance your home entertainment experience.

Universal Remote Controls

Want to control all of your home, from the lighting to the temperature, with a single remote? Our experts can configure a custom URC remote control system to give you total control over your space.

Locks & Access Control

Control the locks on your house from your couch, your office, or wherever you go. Let your kids in from Connected locks from Facet Home Control keep your home more secure easily for the ultimate peace of mind.

Smart Window Coverings

Conserve energy and control natural light with smart window coverings from Facet Home Control. Pre-cut and custom shades and curtains increase the value and beauty of your home.

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