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Software Customization from the Experts at Facet Web Tech

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Software Customization from the Experts at Facet Web Tech

Next to owning a website, having an application specific to your business could be the best thing for your bottom line. Facet Web Tech can customize an application to your specific products or services. The "smart phone" as a point of sale has exploded! People are doing everything from checking bus schedules to contributing to their church or favorite charity via apps. Your best customers are probably expecting your announcement, "I have an app!", so don’t disappoint them.


Benefits of Having an App

What do apps do?

Customer engagement – if you’re a charity or advocacy group, you want your target audience doing something, your app tells them what to do or how to do it and lets them share those successes with others.

Support – if you’re information or service based, like a newspaper or a lawyer, your app helps your clients do their own thing.

Online sales – if you’re sales-based, your app lets your customers buy anything you have, anytime of the day or night, anywhere they suddenly find themselves in need.

Promotion – whatever you do, your app advertises you and the great products or services you offer.


Go for the Gold

Your business is unique, so the one-size-fits-all the software model no longer works. Most people spend a lot of time hunched over their smartphones these days — good news for chiropractors, and for you. An app on their screen means increased visibility to your target market at all times. Apps market interactively, generating info about your customers that you can use, like demographics or locations while providing them more info about you.

Social media works because users are engaged. They see, they like, they comment, they share. Your app builds that sort of community but, rather than a bursting balloon splashing water all over the place, your app is a high-pressure fire hose putting all the water on a specific spot — your business. You offer special app-only deals; your loyalty program racks up points publicly; you don’t stand out from the crowd, you are the crowd.


Creating an Effective App …

… Requires expertise. You know your customers and what they want in your cyberstore. (If not, call, we can help you find out.) We do web, and we do web well, because all we do is web. When Central Illinois thinks custom software, they think Facet Web Tech, the premier software development experts. Drop by our Peoria, Illinois, offices, call us (309-353-4727) or email us (web@facettech.com). We’ll complete a thorough review of your customers’ needs then design an app that get results.