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Tech Tip: This 2-Second Habit Can Help Keep You Safe!

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Tech Tip: This 2-Second Habit Can Help Keep You Safe!

Tech Tip Lock Em Up

It may sound simple, but pressing the Windows Key+L when you step away from your computer can save your business from serious security threats.

Although phishing emails and other “virtual” scams make up the bulk of cybercrime activity, some hackers will try to physically access a computer on a company’s network to steal data. This tip is especially important if you have computers in a public area.

On a Windows PC, pressing the Windows Key+L will lock your PC and take you to the sign-in page. On a Mac, Ctrl-Cmd-Q will do the trick and lock your device.

Like many things, virtually locking up your devices is part of building a vigilant security culture within your organization.

Does your organization need help making a game plan for cyber resilience? Facet offers free cybersecurity assessments for businesses! You will receive valuable information about your company’s current security and know where you can improve to prevent breaches and attacks.

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