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Tech Tip: Take the Shortcut!

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Tech Tip: Take the Shortcut!

Shortcuts for the Internet 01 01

This month’s tech tip is from Annette Ford, Vice President at Facet Technologies. Annette has shared a few shortcuts for web browsers that will save you time. You’ll never go back to using your mouse again!

These tips are for Windows 10 users, but if you use an Apple computer, fear not! You can find an extensive list of helpful shortcuts for your device here.

On the web, if you are using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers:

Accidentally close the wrong tab in your browser?
Ctrl + Shift + T will open up your last closed browser tab.

Need to go to a new site or start a search?
Ctrl + L will jump your cursor to the address bar. The address bar can be used for web searches as well as navigating to a specific site.

Need to quickly jump between tabs?
Ctrl + Tab will cycle through the open tabs in your browser window.

Need to zoom in on a webpage?
Ctrl + “+/-” will zoom you in and out on a webpage. Reset to normal zoom using Ctrl + 0.

Need to quickly open or close a tab?
Ctrl + T opens a new tab, and Ctrl + W will close your current tab.

Need to refresh?
Ctrl + R reloads your current page.

This last trick is maybe the most important one! If you are having trouble with a webpage, whether it’s not loading properly, a photo isn’t displaying correctly, or it’s otherwise not functioning, the first step to take is deleting your cache. This allows your browser to “start fresh” on the page without added cookies and “junk” leftover from previous sessions. It fixes a lot of internet-related issues!

Ctrl + Shift + Delete opens your “clear browsing data” window. From there, you can delete your cache (where sites store data like images and other small files to speed up loading times), and, if you choose, cookies (this logs you out of most websites).

Happy browsing!

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