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The Vital Stages of the Software Development Cycle

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The Vital Stages of the Software Development Cycle

First, let’s get one thing straight: Software is never done. Individual projects are completed, but business needs changes, the industry changes and available technologies change. So, let’s look at the 6 vital steps that comprise the Facet Web Tech software development cycle:

1. Planning
It’s cliché because it’s true: "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Unless you know what you need, you have a snowball’s chance in the Sahara of getting what you want. Once you’ve looked at all the factors that affect the software, look at those that affect the project: Deadline, budget, personnel, and other issues. Then you can create a road map that will get you from Point A to B.

2. Design
This is concept. You know what you need, how do you get there? Engineers sometimes talk "form follows function" and sometimes talk "function follows form". Is your new software to be used by all employees (must be seriously user-friendly) or just by technical experts (more productivity, less simplicity)?

3. Development
This is process. "I need my drafting tech to merge with my accounting tech to bid a job," says the architect. I need my billing tech to merge with my archiving tech, but I need my archiving tech available for consults and my billing to stay absolutely private," says the medical practice. This is where the rubber (analysis) hits the road (coding).

4. Testing
The "pilot program" or "beta use" isn’t designed to determine if there are bugs — of course, there are bugs, we are human, we make mistakes. Or, at least, new eyes find a few things we could’ve done better. Testing doesn’t produce perfect software; it produces the best software we can within the limits of our plan.

5. Implementation
"Do it to it!" Put that bad boy to work and see if he works up a sweat or just collapses in exhaustion. That is, are the end-users happy, more productive, & making you more profit?

6. Continuance
Once your custom software passes into general use, wait a while. As noted, your business changes over the years, as does your industry, as does IT in general. (Sometimes, with truly irritating speed and lack of notice!) When you contact Facet Web Tech, you’re talking to a full-service information technology partner that can oversee your website, custom software development, online security and more. You’re dealing with a small business like your own — local people (not some who-knows-where customer service center) and you deal with the Peoria, Illinois, IT experts. You couldn’t be in better hands.