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Want a Successful Website? Don’t Make These 3 Web Design Mistakes

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Want a Successful Website? Don’t Make These 3 Web Design Mistakes

The Internet has changed a lot of things about the way businesses work and how customers interact with them. Now, almost 48% of consumers list a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding how credible a business is.

In an age as technical as this one, your web design matters. Here are a few professional website development mistakes you need to avoid at all costs.

Speed is the name of the game in today’s age of instant gratification. If your website is cluttered and chaotic, it’s going to load slower than a lot of others. For the most effective, user-friendly website, you need to think like a minimalist. Your design should be sleek, simple, and most importantly, mobile friendly.

Mobile compatibility plays into the same category. A huge number of people now use their smartphones to access the internet, which means you need a responsive website design. When you’re thinking about this, it’s important to thoroughly utilize software solutions consulting, as it can help you create a new site that’s responsive to your audience. The more responsive and sleek your design is, the better.

Bad Navigation 
The best websites have intuitive navigation built right in. If a consumer is looking at one page, a list of related pages should be displayed somewhere close to the content they’re already reading. Ideally, a website’s navigation should be stationary and at the top of every page. The most important thing to remember? Organization. If the navigation is organized in a logical way that leads consumers to the items they need, you’re going to have more positive user experiences across the board.

Stock Photos 
There’s nothing wrong with a good stock photo here and there, but what are they ultimately doing for your company? The point of website photos is to showcase your unique business and help users understand who you are and what you do. If you’re not careful, too many bad stock photos could make it seem like your website security software is letting spam ads in. Professional photos might seem pricey, but bad photos can cost you more than just money; they can cost you a whole customer base!

Whether you’re looking for software solutions consulting for your site or you’re in the midst of updates, make sure you’re not making these mistakes.