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Web Based Applications: What They Are and Why They’re Useful

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Web Based Applications: What They Are and Why They’re Useful

It’s no secret that corporate America is becoming increasingly decentralized. In the matter of a few short decades, we have jettisoned the world of LAN lines for more agile cloud computing solutions.

While all this progress gives businesses new and innovative ways to store their data and interact with their clientele, many companies struggle to keep up with the explosion of progress.

In this blog, we’ll dive into one of the most vital and common new technologies in any software solutions company’s arsenal: Web-Based Applications.

What is a Web-Based Application?

An application is software designed to address a specific goal. Databases, word processors, or music players are all types of common applications. For more specific goals, an application can be created by a software solutions company.

While many software companies build both mobile applications and web applications, web-based apps are specifically designed to work on a web browser. The other major kind of applications, mobile and desktop apps, are designed to be downloaded onto your device’s hard drive and run from the device, rather than a web browser.

Advantages of Web-Based Applications

  1. Greater Accessibility
    The primary advantage of a web-based application is that it can be easily accessed through your web browser. That means that users will have an easier time interacting with your application.

    That is valuable whether you are using your application on the back end, as a tool for your employees, or if you plan to use it to allow your customers to more easily interact with your business. Often, applications can be integrated with a business’s website, such as a live customer support app. So long as these applications do not slow down or clutter your site, they can be a great way to enhance your customer experience.

    Remember, the design of your site is important, with 38% of visitors reporting they will not engage with an unattractive site and layout. A software solutions company can build you an interactive application that can keep your site’s visitors satisfied.

  2. Better Integration
    One of the key advantages of having a software solution company build you a web-based application is that it is significantly easier to integrate and coordinate between different applications this way. If you need to pull information or data from one app to another, software designers can ensure these API calls always run smoothly, reducing the amount of time you spend inputting and double checking information.
  3. Increased Adaptability
    One of the best problems you will ever have with your application is too much traffic or use. This shows that your application is actually getting used, but the more pressure placed on your application, the more likely you are to experience glitches or other problems. A web-based app can more easily adjust to this problem, since you can add additional resources in one central location, rather than having to issue a major update to every user. Instead, a single call to your software company may be the only solution required.

Understanding what type of software is best for your business can be difficult. There are a number of computer software companies, all developing unique tools that may or may not be for you. Understanding the categories of tools and what they mean can help you narrow the field.