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Web Designer vs. Web Developer: What’s the Difference?

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Web Designer vs. Web Developer: What’s the Difference?

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they are distinct job titles. Web Designers are the creative artists; the people who make it pretty. Web Developers are the tech experts; the people who make it function.

Choosing between Design and Development

The basic question starts with: Do you have a website to be updated or do you need something new? (Warning, the answer to both can be ‘yes’ — having a website doesn’t mean it works and, sometimes, it’s easier to start over.)

If the website is technically good — and by good, we don’t mean good enough because good enough never is — you may just need a designer. We may be able to recommend new graphics, better writing, an updated color scheme, or any of the small, very simple, very affordable changes that can revitalize a website and make it shine.

If, however, you need to start from scratch, you definitely need a developer. From deciding how many pages you’ll have to how each will function and how they’ll interact and support each other is the heart of development. Think of your web developer as your site architect, taking the image in your mind and translating it to reality — or whatever passes for reality in cyberspace.

Before We Bid

Whether you think you’ll choose web designers or web developers, we recommend you start with a full physical by the web doctors at Facet Web Tech. Our experts may find ways to do it better. We might be able to recommend existing or custom apps to improve functionality; find bugs hiding in the code just waiting to bite you; streamline your online operations to get customers to the checkout screen faster. Website creation (creative and technical) is always evolving and our people keep up with the latest and greatest. We’d love to show you what we can do.

Choose Facet Web Tech

As the leading source for web design in Central Illinois, Facet Web Tech specializes in effective, SEO-friendly websites. Each website we build is totally custom, built to your specifications and goals. Looking to drive local leads? Need to expand your client list? Of course, you need to sell more products or services! Contact our team of web design and development specialists — we get results.