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Website Design Needs Clear Navigation: Here’s Why

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Website Design Needs Clear Navigation: Here’s Why

We all understand that having excellent web design is crucial to your brand and overall website structure, but there’s an underlying aspect that requires balance. There’s such a thing as over-designing your site, and not truly focusing on the fundamentals of your website development.


Your Visitors Will Steer Away From a Lack of Navigation


Between site speed, individual page loading, design and navigation, there’s a great deal of balance that needs to be achieved to hold your visitors attentions. An expertly-designed website is critical for establishing your brand, but it won’t do you any good if your visitors can’t properly navigate it. They’re much more likely to leave, and head to the next result in their search.


Improper Navigation KIlls Your SEO Efforts


Apart from ever-changing ranking factors from Google, the last thing you want to do is pay for PPC advertisements, only to have your visitors leave, and your bounce rate increase. Navigation helps with your SEO efforts by allowing your visitors to jump from content to content with ease. We’ve all gotten lost on websites before – it’s exactly what you want your visitors to be doing, but you can’t expect them to have patience with a hard-to-navigate site. Increased visitor duration leads to increased average time spent on your page, which can funnel into more newsletter subscribers, ecommerce customers, and avid readers of your content.


Give the People What They Want


Visitors don’t want to stumble around on a website for ages, all while trying to get a single answer to their question. The public wants quick navigation and more to-the-point content. Balancing quality design and navigation doesn’t have to be a chore when you go with professional services to streamline and expedite the process for you. Every day that poor design and useless navigation exists on your site, you’re losing to competitors.


Quality Website Development in Peoria, IL


If you’re located in Peoria, IL and in need of website development, from design to function and everything in between, contact us today to get started on redesigning your website. Your business’ best efforts are showcased on your website – make it count with professional, simple to navigate design.