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What is Web Presence & How Can You Increase Yours?

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What is Web Presence & How Can You Increase Yours?

What is "Web Presence"?

According to the dictionary, if you have a website, you have a web presence. Facet Web Tech, however, asks practical, real-world questions: Is your web presence noticeable? Is it positive? Does it move you closer to your goals?


We call it the World Wide Web for a Reason

You are competing with hundreds of online companies, all over the world — literally. If you’re going to compete, you want your best foot forward in a way that reaches your target audience. Like any business project, you need three things: (1) A Goal. (2) A Plan. (3) Tools.

Your goal depends on your business: What do you sell? To whom do you sell? How many do you need to sell? What should your social media contribute to those sales? Where do you want to be in five or ten years? Nothing new here, businesses have been doing it for centuries. The difference is data — the web gives you more data faster that you can use to meet your goals.

Your plan must include an online presence: Everything your business does moves you closer to your goal, or you need to stop and do something different. The Yellow Pages used to be the place to advertise your business. Well, people still let their fingers do the walking but now it’s through a search engine results list, not a telephone book.

Your tools are the home page, the landing pages, the capture pages and everything else you put on your site. Effective social media means you put stuff on the screen that people like, read and, most important, remember. The colors, the font, the layout, the text, pix and graphix (see what we did there?) create an impression (not an "imprexion", overdoing makes you look silly) that stays with the visitor until the visitor says, "It’s time to buy, what was that company I saw on the web? Oh, yeah, I remember." That’s the win!

One more vital item to keep in mind: The internet is changing every year — remember GeoCities and Friendster? Neither does anybody else. You need to partner with net savvy people who the next wave and makes sure your ride it instead of getting drowned by it.


Creating a Powerful Online Presence …

… Requires expertise. You do what you do and you do it well, whether you’re a dentist or carpenter or farrier. We do web, and we do web well because all we do is web. When Central Illinois thinks net savvy, they think Facet Web Tech, the website design and development experts. Drop by our Peoria, Illinois, offices, call us (309-353-4727) or email us (web@facettech.com). We’ll complete a thorough review of your social media plan then design an online presence that gets the results you need.