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Your Business Needs a Firewall for Life. Here’s Why.

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Your Business Needs a Firewall for Life. Here’s Why.

Facet installs and maintains firewalls as part of their managed security solution. Find out why we recommend a HaaS approach to firewalls.

A firewall is the first line of defense against intrusion in your network. Firewalls are a crucial component of your layered security strategy, but they can be a large cost and investment, especially for small businesses. Avoid surprise replacement costs with a Firewall for Life solution from Facet.

Many of our customers have made the switch. Continue reading to see if a Firewall for Life is the right fit for your business!

It’s economical.

Traditional firewall solutions have HIGH upfront costs. While most cybersecurity solutions are software-based, a firewall is a physical hardware device. Hardware always fails eventually, and unpredictably.

This causes big headaches for small and medium sized businesses. In a traditional firewall situation, the customer purchases a new firewall upon the failure of the current device. This is a large, unplanned expense, especially for small companies.

With a Firewall for Life plan, you pay the same amount, every month, for the best firewall for your business. If the firewall fails, we replace it. Every three years, even if your current solution is going strong, we replace your firewall with the newest, most powerful firewall for your business, with no additional cost to you.

Our customers love this plan because it takes some of the guesswork out of IT budgeting. You know the exact number you’re going to pay each month for your firewall.

It provides better protection.

I may not need to stress to you the importance of a good firewall. As the filter for all your network traffic, your firewall is your first defense against every cyber crime, attack, and potential breach that poses as a threat to your company and livelihood. A good firewall is worth its weight in gold.

Facet uses next-generation firewalls (NGFW) to build security-driven networks. They provide higher visibility, consistency, and coordinated end-to-end security policy to ensure optimal user experience.

NGFW also offer automatic dual ISP (internet service provider) switching. NGFW take the hassle out of dual ISP setups by automatically checking connection speeds and switching your network to the most advantageous provider. You no longer have to manually switch over to your second ISP or make a service call when your primary provider is having connection issues.

It creates less work for you.

A NGFW for Life solution from Facet is a fully-managed security device at an affordable price point. Facet maintains and monitors your device, ensuring we are alerted if it stops working or requires repair or replacement.

For IT managers, a HaaS Firewall for Life solution from Facet works with your existing team to ensure that your security is up-to-date and compliant with the latest standards. We offer HaaS firewalls as a standalone product for in-house IT teams or as part of our Managed Security offerings. With one less fire to put out, you can focus on managing your network with Facet as a trusted partner.

For business owners, the Firewall for Life solution means peace of mind. With Facet to manage and maintain your firewall, you have one less fire to put out and more time to focus on growing your business.

Let’s partner together on a NGFW plan that fits your business’s needs. Facet’s security solutions are proven to be an effective barrier that can protect your business from cybersecurity threats. That’s a worthwhile investment for every business.

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