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Why SSL Security Certificates Are a Must For Your Business In Today’s Age

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Why SSL Security Certificates Are a Must For Your Business In Today’s Age

Website design plays into a lot of things in today’s day and age: responsiveness per device, security, and staying away from the web vulnerability that scares us all just a bit. An SSL security certificate isn’t an option, really—not if you want to actually conduct business with anyone.

We are in an amazing time, but it’s also the most vulnerable time in terms of information sensitivity. It doesn’t take long for someone to get your information in their hands, which is why you need proper encryption.

Customers Look Out For It

Twenty years ago, we didn’t have half the security threats that we do nowadays. People have become extremely informed, and they know what to look for when they enter the proverbial gates of your webpage. Your SSL security certificate displays immediately in your visitors’ search engine atop their browser. They know, before your page even loads, if it’s a safe place to add in their sensitive information.

Credit Cards Are Everything Now

We don’t use cash. We don’t shop in-store nearly as much as we used to even a decade ago. More credit cards, more online transactions than ever before. It’s one of the key reasons that hackers target information like this because it’s being used so constantly that it makes activity difficult to track. With an SSL certificate, all of that information that you input on a website when you go to purchase a product becomes encrypted, and no longer falls subject to fraud.

If your site processes payment instead of solely using third-party vendors (think PayPal or Venom), then you’ll need an SSL certificate. In fact, even if you don’t use your own payment processing system, but you still sell products on your site, you should get an SSL certificate, and here’s why:

People are informed, but twice that number are misinformed. It’s the occupational hazard of subjecting ourselves to the information superhighway. Some people believe than an SSL certificate is used no matter what type of transaction is enacted on your website. Even if all your payments are through third-party gates, having an SSL certificate makes the ill-informed comfortable, and more likely to stay on your page.

Your Web Development Plays Into It

Your SSL is great, but if your customers can’t load your page fast enough, or they can’t navigate your site properly, it’s kind of a lost prospect. You have security, but nobody’s biting because they can’t get around, or move quickly enough. Facet Web Tech handles responsive designs, along with aesthetically pleasing layouts.