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You can make your website more secure

November 21, 2018

In addition to hiring technical experts like Facet Web Tech for your cyber security needs, you can do a lot to reduce your own vulnerability. For example:

1. Have a Backup

It’s the most important item on the list because no system is perfect. The bad guys win a few, so be ready. Have an off-site data storage plan. You may lose data but losing one day’s worth is better than losing it all. Give access to the back-up server to as few people as possible.

2. Be Proactive

You didn’t get where you are by sitting around waiting for good things to happen, don’t sit around waiting for bad things to happen. Require individual usernames and passwords for every employee and train them in cyber security. Install and update antivirus and anti spyware software. Build the firewall. If an employee doesn’t need access to your tech, lock them out. If an employee doesn’t need access to specific hardware or data, lock them out. Secure your Wi-Fi. Change passwords regularly, at least every 90 days.

3. A Measured Paranoia is a Vital Survival Skill

Fortunately, in this scenario, “paranoia” is just common sense: Don’t open emails from strangers. Don’t click on attachments. Don’t click thru links in emails. Pay attention to email addresses and URLs. If, for example, you get an email claiming to be from the IRS, but the return address is “somebodysname@irs.xyz”, that didn’t come from the US government.

And, Finally, Partner with Experts

There are two types of hackers, professionals and amateurs. Pros may not care about you because you’re small. Of course, it’s much harder for a pro to steal $1 million that to steal $10 thousand a hundred times; many pros go after small fish figuring they’re easier to catch. Amateurs just hack to hurt; it’s a game, and their reward is knowing they beat you.

Call Facet Web Tech – cybersecurity has been part of our program since before they even coined that word. Don’t wait for an attack to come bashing at your cyber-door like the Big Bad Wolf, let us consult on your web security status. Our experts can detect vulnerabilities and install the latest patches and safety features to prevent attacks. We also offer monitoring services to watch over your website for potential threats and incursion attempts. Should the worst-case scenario arise, we have a full-service cleanup team that will repair your website and get you back on the web, fast. Do your due diligence and leave the rest to us.

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