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Three Current Scams That Can Happen To You

3 Cybersecurity Scams That Can Happen to You

1.       Coin Mining: This new virus can take your computer hostage and use your internet connection to mine electronic currency. It is hard to diagnose on your own, but the first sign is an overloaded processor and slow performance.

2.       Imposter Emails: Hackers will send you emails that look like they come from your colleagues or those in your contact list. If you receive an email that seems strange or unexpected, always double check with that person before calling a number or opening an attached file, as it may result in stolen funds or ransomware.

3.       1-800 Pop-Ups: A potentially expensive problem, this scam involves a big pop-up (often with audio, and difficult to close) that prompts you to call a toll-free number for help from a trusted tech company. Close the window and do not call—the goal of this scam is to steal your credit card or bank account information.

A note on backups: Backups and careful browsing practices are the best way to ensure your data is safeguarded. Regular data backups will ensure that your business or home is never brought to a halt by hackers.
For more information on viruses, scams, and backups, call Facet or Nerds on Call today.

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