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Cloud Data Backup Services

What would you do if you lost all of your business’s information—all of the customer data, documents, email exchanges, and calendars? Would it slow your business down for a week? A month? Or longer?

Often, business owners fall into a “this can’t happen to me!” mentality. The truth is, it can and does happen to organizations of all sizes and types. Even the best equipment can fail, or fall victim to attack, and when that happens, the only way to return to business-as-usual is through restoring backups.

Some companies take a “half-done” approach of backing up only their servers. However, if you ever need to restore your data, you will be missing important information from desktops, laptops, and workstations in your company. The work it takes to restore all of these settings, local files, and software applications can be expensive and leave your team unable to work for days.

Backup solutions can be economical and easy to implement. Facet’s cloud backup services make it simple for your organization to continue to run smoothly without interruption, knowing that your information is safe in case of emergency.

Prevent these costly nightmares with a backup solution you can trust. Facet provides backups for thousands of businesses, with proven practices and the best security in the business. Our customers have True Tech Peace of Mind. They know that their data is safe from hackers, viruses, and human error.

We are happy to provide more information on data loss prevention, emergency preparedness plans, and backup options that fit your business. If you schedule a system health checkup with a Facet Network Engineer, we will include an assessment of your current backup solution, if you have on in place.

Contact us today to find True Tech Peace of Mind in a backup solution that helps your business thrive.