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Cloud server solutions from Facet can help your business grow quickly and scale easily, while keeping your data and information safe from attacks or disaster.

Physical servers are often the first choice presented to organizations for their networks, but cloud solutions aren’t as scary as some companies with make them seem. With the right implementation and management, cloud servers can work for many businesses and increase your profits in both the short and long term.

A physical server may be the best choice for your business, as it gives you physical control over your backups and your data will remain on location, not requiring internet for access. However, if you don’t want the capital investment or want more frequent backups to prevent any data loss in the event of a disaster, a cloud server solution may be for you.

One benefit of cloud servers is the ability to quickly add on more storage space, and only pay for the storage you need. When your company outgrows a storage solution, you can generally add more in a pay-for-what-you-need scenario.

Backups become simple with cloud servers as well. Restoration of data in the event of an emergency can be started instantly, and backups can be run as often as every fifteen minutes, which can minimize any data loss significantly if needed.
Most businesses will utilize a hybrid cloud-and-physical server model, which enables your organization to have the best of both worlds. Facet can work with your business to find the exact model that works for you, your budget, and your data.

Want to learn more about cloud server solutions? Contact us to schedule a system health checkup with a Facet Network Engineer today to assess your current system and see how we can help your company grow.