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Facet’s Security Plus Audit is a 100+ point evaluation of your business’s cybersecurity and IT infrastructure. The Security Plus Audit is the best way to determine your business’s defense position against costly cybersecurity infiltration and attacks.

Cybersecurity solutions can no longer only be in the purview of IT managers and technicians—the increasing nature of these concerns means that now, business owners and those in high-level strategic positions must understand their organization’s cybersecurity position.

Business owners who choose to ignore cybersecurity warning stories can see the real costs of an attack firsthand—financial loss is only the beginning. Often, attacks and breaches can lead to reputational damage, loss of customers, total operational disruption, and even legal ramifications. Your company’s information and your customers’ data are valuable and should be protected.

We understand that cybersecurity is an overwhelming field, so we structured the Security Plus Audit to be easy to digest and act upon. The Security Plus Audit will give you a look into your business’s real cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses—and give you a roadmap to full security and True Tech Peace of Mind.

The report contains over 25 pages of curated information tailored to your business. Our engineers test 7 unique areas of your IT infrastructure to determine action items that can be the difference between an attack and business as usual.

Some firms sell cybersecurity that you can’t “see,” but we believe in total transparency with the Security Plus Audit. You will get a firsthand look at how we secure systems against attack, and how we prioritize action items to ensure the biggest gaps are filled first.

Schedule a 100+ point Security Plus Audit today and take the first step to securing your business’s future and your True Tech Peace of Mind.

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