Co-Managed IT Services

Boost the power of your IT team with co-managed IT services from Facet.

Your network and computer systems are critical to your business. If they’re down, you’re losing money. With co-managed IT services from Facet, our team of experienced engineers work with your team to solve IT issues promptly, and even prevent them in the first place. We help organizations like yours become more profitable, improve efficiency and productivity.

Is your IT team overwhelmed and backlogged with issues, projects, and problems, unable to catch up? Is it affecting your company’s bottom line?

Many business owners find themselves in this situation: their IT team needs help, but hiring another employee won’t fill the skill set needed or is too expensive. That’s where co-managed IT can help your business thrive.

Facet can work alongside your team to protect against cybercrime and attacks, downtime, lost time, and compliancy violations without the cost and headache of constantly searching for good employees.

What Co-Managed IT Is Not:

  • Co-managed IT is not about replacing your IT leader or IT department. It’s a partnership that is designed to fit your needs as an organization, working with your IT team to ensure you are fully protected and prepared in today’s complicated threat landscape. We provide software, services, hardware and other tools to assist your IT team in managing your network.
  • Co-managed IT is also not constrained to only monitoring your network for alarms and alerts. We work with your team to resolve issues faster and more efficiently than can be done alone.
  • Co-managed IT is not limited to project-based work. Our team provides 24/7/365 ongoing support to your IT staff, as well as as-needed project work.

How Co-Managed IT Helps Businesses with In-House IT Teams:

  • Manage IT more effectively – Co-managed IT solutions from Facet will allow your current IT department to function at a higher level so they can resolve technical issues faster without affecting other aspects of your business.
  • Protect data – Security threats can cost a company millions of dollars every year so cutting them off at the source is one way co-managed IT solutions can protect both your technology and bottom line.
  • Less downtime means more profit- Co-managed IT solutions will increase uptime and decrease downtime, helping protect your revenue streams from lost opportunities due to a downed system.

Co-Managed IT from Facet Increases Your Bottom Line!

Download our free special report on co-managed IT to learn more about the advantages of a co-managed IT approach. This 16-page report includes information such as:

  • Signs you are pushing your IT leader and/or department to the limit
  • Why more CEOs are getting fired over cyber security incidents than the CIOs or Information Security Officers they employ
  • Exactly how your company can be damaged by failing to invest properly in cybercrime prevention and expertise
  • Scenarios where co-managed IT just makes sense
  • Who co-managed IT is NOT for
  • More valuable information for CEOs

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