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Computer Repair in Peoria, IL

We repair laptops, desktops, and more for customers in Peoria, IL and nationwide.

Facet Technologies, Inc.

3024 W. Lake Ave.
Peoria, IL 61615

Phone: (309) 353-4727

8:00AM – 5:00PM
Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Walk-in computer repair (no appointment necessary). We will check your computer in for repair and one of our skilled technicians will call you with a diagnosis and repair options.

We offer remote computer repair as well as in-shop repair to better serve our customers.

Need your computer back fast? Priority service is available for an additional charge. Just ask at the front desk for priority service.

If you’re looking for local computer repair, Facet Technologies is the place to go. We offer a fully staffed repair bench with skilled technicians who can fix almost any computer issue.

We operate on a first-come first-serve basis. You can bring your PC or Mac in anytime between 8AM and 5PM Monday through Friday. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday to allow our employees to have personal time.

What to do when you need general computer repair (virus cleanups, PC running slow, operating system issues):

  • If you have a desktop computer, unplug all cords and accessories from the tower unit. We do not need monitors or other accessories unless the accessories seem to be the problem (i.e., if your mouse or keyboard is the only issue with the PC). We rarely need accessories, but we will call you if we do.
  • If you have a laptop, bring the main unit and the power cord. You may leave Bluetooth mouse/keyboard dongles plugged in, or you may remove them if you wish to keep them at home.
  • If you have an all-in-one PC or iMac, gather the main unit as well as the power cord and bring them in.

We use a labeling system for all accessories and power cords so they don’t get lost. We will apply a sticker with your name and work ticket number to the accessory to ensure everything is tracked. We also record the accessories in your work ticket.

What to do if you are unsure if you should get rid of your old PC:

  • If you are unsure if you should buy a new computer, you can bring it into us for a diagnosis and a recommendation for repair. Our technicians will look at the computer and assess the age, the current issues it may be having, and the cost to repair those issues versus the costs of purchasing a new computer.
  • Many people keep their computers for a long time, sometimes up to ten years. If the PC is in good condition and we think it is worthwhile to repair, we will recommend investing in its repair.
  • If the repair of the computer is not cost effective, we can make recommendations for the purchase of another PC.

What to do if you have been hacked or are the victim of a phone scam:

  • If you have been the victim of a phone scam and someone has accessed your computer, first turn the computer off. It’s OK if you have to use the power button to do a hard shutdown.
  • Call your bank and tell them that you have been the victim of a phone scam. They will help you secure your account against unauthorized activity.
  • Also be sure to call your credit card companies and any other financial services that you have accessed on your computer to be safe. You card companies will likely issue you a new card number.
  • You can bring your PC into Facet and our technicians will remove any remote access software or anything else left on your computer. It is always prudent to have your computer checked for any malicious software or adware after a scammer has accessed it.
  • Change your passwords (using another computer or your phone or tablet) for all of your online banking, credit cards, email, and social media. If you use other online shopping sites, change your passwords there as well.
  • We will give you a call once we get done with the diagnosis of your computer, we will call you to let you know what we found if there was anything left behind on the PC.

What to do when you are bringing a computer in for data transfer or the setup of a new PC (this includes Facet PC purchases):

  • We need both your old computer and your new one to complete the data transfer, but if you would like to keep your old PC while we begin the initial setup of your new PC, we can begin work with only the new PC and call you when it’s time to bring your old PC in for the data transfer.
  • Bring a list of the items and files that you would like transferred from your old PC. Do you want just photos, documents, and other files? Or would you like your email, browser bookmarks, and shortcuts moved as well? Any information helps us to get your PC ready just the way you like it so you can just plug it in when you get home.
  • Keep in mind that depending on the amount of data on your computer, data transfers can be a lengthier process than other repairs.

What to do when you’re bringing your computer in for an insurance evaluation:

Some insurance policies cover electronics and computers in the case of power surge from lightning strikes. We offer insurance computer evaluations in our Peoria office.

  • Call your insurance company to find out what they require for an evaluation. They will most likely suggest you call a repair service like ours for a letter of evaluation of your computer or other equipment.
  • Bring your computer and all other damaged computer accessories that will be part of your claim.
  • Have contact information on hand for your insurance service and where we should send the letter.
  • We will ask you to pay our check-in fee for each piece of equipment. This will be applied toward the diagnosis of the computer. Your insurance will likely reimburse you for this fee.
  • Once you check in your computer, our technicians will evaluate it for signs of electrical damage to the motherboard and other components.
  • We will then write a letter to your insurance company noting all the damage we see and include relevant photos.
  • Your insurance company should reimburse you for our charges. We will give you an invoice at checkout that includes the information you need for your insurance claim.

Facet Technologies offers the following services for residential clients:

  • NDesktop Computer Repair
  • NLaptop Computer Repair
  • NMac and Apple Repair
  • NOn-Site Repairs and House Calls
  • NRemote Support and Repair
  • NLaptop Computer Sales
  • NDesktop Computer Sales
  • NAccessories Sales
  • NCables and Parts Sales
  • N Custom Gaming Desktops

Why Choose Facet for Computer Repair?

When you need computer repair in Peoria, Pekin, or the surrounding areas, turn to Facet. Our technicians are skilled and ready to repair all of your computer issues. We pride ourselves on friendly service and thorough work. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (309) 689-3900.

About Facet Technologies

We have provided computer repair and IT services for over 30 years in Peoria. We provide both personal home computer repair and business computer repair for our customers. Since 1989, our customers have trusted us with their computers for home and business. We are the home of True Tech Peace of Mind!

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