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Still using a home router in your business? It’s time to upgrade. Here’s why.

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Still using a home router in your business? It’s time to upgrade. Here’s why.

A reliable wireless internet connection and network is essential for any business. A router is one of the first pieces of hardware most businesses install at a startup or new business location. In the rush to get your network configured and running, it can be tempting to run to the store and purchase a router off the shelf, or use a rented option from your internet service provider, but this choice can leave you vulnerable to a whole list of cyber threats.

When you go to a big box store to purchase a router, you will see consumer-grade router options. While these products are fine for use in a home, they are not designed for use in a business. They are designed to be fast and simple to set up, not to have the capabilities a business needs. These types of routers offer limited configuration options, weaker security, and, often, slower speeds.

Why can’t a business use a device like this one?

Device Overload

Businesses will often need to connect multiple devices to their wireless network. This alone can overwhelm a consumer-grade router and cause slow speeds—frustrating and potentially costly! Consumer routers are designed to have a few smartphones, TVs, and laptops or other devices on them—not as many devices as a normal office requires.

We design business networks for higher capacities so your networking hardware is not a bottleneck in your productivity.


Due to sensitive customer data and other information you likely require for your business, enhanced security is a necessary part of your operations. A consumer-grade router offers very little protection if you were targeted by a hack—and studies all show that small businesses are nearly as likely to be targeted as large firms by cyber criminals.

For every business, a business-grade router and firewall provide protections that stop attacks.

Multiple Networks

Do your customers or guests ever need to use your WiFi? If so, it’s imperative that you have a guest network separate from your WiFi that you use internally. Why? We always recommend separating these networks because while you can control your own devices, you can never know what exactly is on a guest’s device. This is one small step that helps keep your data safe. A business grade WiFi setup allows your IT provider to quickly setup a network for your guests that is completely separated from your internal network.

Are you using a home router in your business? We can help. With an assessment from Facet, you will get a roadmap that shows you the steps you should take to strengthen your network and find True Tech Peace of Mind!

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