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5 For-Sure Signs that your Site has been Hacked

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5 For-Sure Signs that your Site has been Hacked

1. You Get a Ransom Demand

No joke, site-napping is real and growing. It’s profitable because ransomware users are hard to track down and many people assume it’s easier to pay off and be done than to wait for the site-nappers to be caught, and to hope that, once caught, they will restore your site in exchange for a reduced sentence.


2. Fake Virus Scan

A fading problem, but far from gone. It appeals to your ignorance and trust: "The wonderful folks at [insert cool-sounding company name] have detected [insert huge number] of viruses on your website. Let us do a complete scam — uh, I mean scan!" Plenty of people fall for this and hand over the credit card numbers. Your website won’t get cleaned out, but your bank account probably will.


3. Browser Warnings or Disabling by your Host

You might see a red-flag warning like, "This website may allow others to obtain personal information" or "known phishing site" or something similar. Of course, it isn’t you, you’re honest, but, if hackers have hit you, browsers will react to your site and warn others away.

Hosts need to be extra cautious because one infected site can infect others. If they find malware, spam ware or other dangerous stuff in your site’s code, they can shut you down.


4. Error Messages

When your code is good, you don’t get them. If they appear suddenly, that probably means new code has been added — and not by you. When you find unexpected messages in your error log, or the file path looks unfamiliar, somebody’s been playing in your sandbox.


5. Someone Else’s Site Appears

Hackers have placed code on your site that redirects to some other page, probably one that collects private info.



Once your website is cleaned up and back in operation, and your new security system is in place, don’t assume you’ll stay safe. Hackers are, as a group, petty little jerks who like to cause trouble — for fun or profit. "Constant vigilance is the price of liberty," they say; it is equally true of web security.

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