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A Rich User-Experience Yields Steady Customers

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A Rich User-Experience Yields Steady Customers

With the Internet passing a billion websites and heading who-know-where, your competition is growing daily. Create quality content that gets results takes time, effort and resources. By adding a variety of content types, you can engage in a dialogue with your visitors and create a bond that helps turn visitors into customers. Interactive content creates the rich user experience that promotes you as the best in e-commerce — and turns first-time customers into repeat customers.


Interactive Content

Simply put, anything that gets your visitors to do more than read words on a page enriches their experience: Self-assessment tools, financial calculators, surveys that request user input and videos that ask for a critique or comments are simple examples of e-commerce interaction.

"Let’s be honest It’s all a trick to get the customer to stick around," you might hear. No, it’s more than that. The customer comes to your site looking to fill a need. Interactive content provides the customer with more information about your products/services. It also provides you with more info about the visitor/customer-to-be. If your web design is effective, you funnel your visitor to different pages based on their responses, getting them ever closer to the exact fill they need for their exact need. That means increased time on site and a reduced bounce rate and that means higher conversion.


Ecommerce Website Solutions

Facet Web Tech excels in creating rich, that is, personalized, user experiences. Our Peoria-based web design team will help you build an online presence that compliments and supports all your other marketing efforts. E-commerce isn’t the wave of the future, it is the here and now, an essential for retailers to be e-tailers. Whether you’re a national brand or small local mom-n-pop shop, investing in an online store might be the difference between your business thriving or disappearing.


Facet E-commerce Is:

Custom — we’ll get to know your business and your goals and build to your goals.

Customer-centric and conversion-oriented — if they ain’t buying, what’s the point?

Fully Supported — web hosting, search-engine-optimized framework, secure payment processing, and other tools.

Premium quality — a rich user-experience and a seamless shopping process that brings customers back.

Flexible — whether you have a single, exclusive line or a warehouse with 10,000 SKUs, we offer affordable packages that meet your needs.


Call 309-353-4727 or email web@facettech.com and you’ll be talking to Peoria’s premier web design team. Backed by decades of technological leadership in Central Illinois, Facet Web Tech will optimize you a website that gets results.