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Layers, Layers, Layers: Why Emphasize Layered Security?

November 17, 2022

Any IT or cybersecurity company worth their salt will tell you that you need multiple layers of security in place to prevent devastating losses from data breaches and other security threats. At Facet, we emphasize this for companies at every size, from small businesses with a few employees to larger businesses that we support through co-managed security.

Why do we insist upon a layered approach?

It’s been proven over time that even with the best security software in place, businesses are never 100% guarded from all attacks. Every software has vulnerabilities of some sort, even if their marketing material claims otherwise. But just because it’s not bulletproof, that doesn’t mean it’s not also useful and important.

How do we approach this problem?

The Facet cybersecurity team’s goal is to build your business a cybersecurity “stack,” that is, a host of tools, hardware, and software that will best protect you from threats.

While the number of “layers” varies based on your business’s threat profile, industry, compliance requirements, and more, every business will always have a few basic needs when it comes to their stack, including a firewall (a physical device that monitors network traffic), an antivirus, email security, and data backups.

Can I whittle down my security stack to save costs?

Other companies may offer cheaper plans for small businesses in an effort to win business, but we never will. Because cybersecurity carries with it so many legal and monetary concerns, we will never recommend a plan that we don’t feel offers adequate security, even if that means we aren’t a right fit for every business. We carry a great retention rate on our managed services customers, partly because they have trust in our ability to help keep them safe.

Industry-Specific Concerns

Certain industries in particular carry large targets on their backs for hackers. Agriculture, finance, insurance, medical, and manufacturing—just a few examples of high-risk industries.

Why do these industries have a higher risk profile? Foreign hacking groups often target businesses they know are essential to our country’s infrastructure, such as agriculture-focused companies. You can search online and find many examples of cyber attacks aimed at ag companies. Because these industries rely on technology to monitor important temperature, moisture levels, and other considerations, theses attacks can have devastating consequences, and hacking groups know it.

Where To Go From Here

While these attacks can be scary to think about, it’s important to assess your company’s risk profile and determine what you need to protect against attack. This means a cybersecurity stack that offers layers of security against intrusion and a team that knows how to support it.

At Facet, we provide cybersecurity to businesses in Peoria and nationwide with a dedicated team of security experts and technicians. Whether you are a business owner or are a director or manager in charge of your company’s internal IT team, we have support options tailored to your needs.

We are offering businesses a free cybersecurity risk assessment with executive report for a limited time. We will provide you a summary of your current security position as well as a roadmap to better security and protection. Fill out the form below for more information and take control of your cybersecurity.

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