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Six Ways to Know If Your Website Design Is Optimized for Visitors

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Six Ways to Know If Your Website Design Is Optimized for Visitors

It’s easy to assume that your website is performing optimally when you’re looking through from the other side. Truth is, your visitors may be encountering problems that aren’t so apparent to you. These are the top six ways to know if your website development has paid off, or if visitors are stumbling around in the dark.


1. Is Your Navigation Simple?


There’s nothing wrong with a simplistic approach to complex solutions. If your users can’t properly navigate your site via the built-in nav bar or drop-down menu, then there’s nothing stopping them from heading to a competitor site for the same information, and becoming a loyal viewer to their company instead of yours.


2. Is Your Website Responsive?


For the first time in the history of the internet, mobile usage has outranked stationary use. Essentially, laptops and home PCs are falling short of smartphones and tablets. Users enjoy being able to hold the world in their hands, and if your website doesn’t respond to their mobile browser, screen size and specifications, you’re losing out on more than half of the global market of visitors.


3. Are You Utilizing On-Page Advertisements?


This one is a slippery slope. If you’re trying to monetize your website, you could actually be hurting your viewership. People don’t mind small banner ads, but jutting advertisements or autoplay videos in the middle of your content (such as between two paragraphs) is a surefire way to not only kill your viewership, but lower your site speed (which is crucial for SEO and load times).


4. Is Your Content Simple?


Nobody wants to dodge a dozen different windows, between on-site pop-ups and refusing chat bot help. Make your content simple to reduce bounce rates, increase view times, and makes your website’s content easy to read by Google.


5. Is Your Contact Information Easy to Find?


If you’ve ever gotten excited about a brand or their services, but haven’t been able to find their contact page, you’re not alone. Businesses constantly lose out by not making their information readily available to their visitors.


6. Do You Have Integrated Site-Search?


As your website grows, content blooms alongside it. If you don’t have a way for your visitors to easily search for keywords and tags for related content, they’re very likely to just hop back to Google’s search results, and find another resource.


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