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What are the Stages of Custom Software Development?

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What are the Stages of Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is essentially the same as development in any endeavor. The magic lies in the people — your ideas, your goals, our technical and creative expertise.

1. Concept

“If you don’t know where you’re going,” the sage observed, “you will end up somewhere else.” This is the questioning phase: What do you need the software to accomplish? Who is the end user? How much can you spend on the project? When must it be online?

Ask more questions, define more answers and both of us will know when we’ve succeeded.

2. Design & Development

Once we know what we’re trying to do, we start coding. Designers will consult with you on how the software will interface with users while developers will consult on the nuts and bolts of doing what it’s meant to do. The project will be divided into segments and the software built in pieces that fit together like a puzzle.

3. Implementation & Testing

“But,” you should ask yourself, “do these puzzle pieces actually fit together and make a pretty picture?”

Alpha testing is done in the lab, by the experts who built it, and who are merciless in the scrutiny of their own work. Beta testing adds the end users to the equation. Regardless of how pretty the code looks, if the user can’t make it sing, we don’t have an opera.

4. Maintenance & Security

Custom software development, like almost any other service, isn’t a done-n-gone process.

Cyberspace is changing, sometimes at a mind-boggling rate. Computers keep getting better and faster, and users more knowledgeable and demanding. Your users will probably notice things that they want to see and do on your app or website and might just be very vocal in their suggestions.

Some users, sadly, don’t have your best interest at heart.

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