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What The Mobile Future of the Internet Means For You

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What The Mobile Future of the Internet Means For You

In 2017, we saw a shift in power: Mobile internet users and desktop/laptops users both represented half of the statistics. Mobile web use has been increasing over the years, and now it’s aiming to surpass standard desktop use.

Consumers Use Mobile Internet More Often

We’re all hooked on our smartphones these days. Most desktop internet use comes from those utilizing it for work or work-related tasks. You have decision-makers using their desktops more often, but that isn’t to say that they don’t also utilize their mobile internet.

Consumers – the ones who are looking at your products, your services – are usually on a phone or a tablet. They’re on-the-go or at a remote location, but what does this mean for you?

You have two sides of the same coin to appeal to. If your website development hasn’t included responsive design, you’re missing out on the future of the internet.

Responsive Website Development is Critical

Responsive design means that your webpage is going to contour to the user’s device. That means that a laptop, desktop, smart TV, cell phone and tablet should each be able to view the same information from your website. The difference is that you obviously can’t mash down a webpage into a digestible read unless your design is responsive.

The Internet is Everywhere

With the explosion of IoT devices over the years, we’re more connected than ever before. Users can simply ask their Google Assistant to search for a set of keywords and select a website to pop-up on their television. Is your website ready for that?

Users will have more access from multiple points. They’re spending more time connected to the internet, giving them more opportunities to find you. Without proper website development, your site could fall behind the times and be left in the dust.

So, How Will it Affect Your Business?

All roads lead back to your website. Potential customers will review a website before they devote themselves to the purchase; your marketing attempts will lead back to your website; namely, it’s immensely valuable that you ensure proper website development to upkeep with the growing internet usage of consumers.

As the trend of mobile internet use continues, so does the need for mobile websites and fully responsive design. That’s where we come in: Your web design is just as important as its content, so don’t hesitate. Your competitors aren’t wasting any time.