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Why is Penetration Testing Important?

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Why is Penetration Testing Important?

What is Penetration Testing?

Simply put, it’s legal hacking. Penetration testing (pen testing, for short) involves all aspects of your computer system, subjecting it to every trick a hacker might try, discovering your vulnerabilities and removing those vulnerabilities or securing them so they can’t be exploited. Pen testing has two primary avenues of attack — an automated attack by software applications or a manual attack by human agents.

But, pen testing doesn’t refer exclusively to hardware:

1. Software, bought or licensed, is being pen tested by its manufacturer. Many of the updates you receive from software companies fix bugs and close vulnerabilities the company has detected.

2. Personnel are also part of the computer system, the most vulnerable part, because we can’t “fix” them, they must fix any attitude problems, such as forgetting to log off when away from their workstations. If retraining and job counseling doesn’t remove the problem behaviors, you may have to be ready to replace the personnel.

Why Do You Need Penetration Testing?

Because bad guys are out there, and they want in. If they decide they want into your website, we’re here to frustrate them so bad they cry themselves to sleep.

Your website might never get hacked in any substantial way, but do you want to roll dice loaded against you? You can lose data, sensitive information can be compromised, the list is long and should be frightening. Your reputation can be ruined, your clients may find another provider, you could be held legally responsible for publication of personal information or other damages — real or perceived.

You insure your health, home, business, cars, just about everything. Pen testing is just more insurance.

Who are you Going to Trust?

Facet Web Tech has served the technology needs of Central Illinois businesses and organizations since 1989.  We know your needs and wants because we started as a small (basement-based) business. Hard work and quality services have propelled us to our current status as trusted technology experts.

Our culture is non-corporate and family-oriented with a focus on accuracy, capability and customer service, which have made our rapid growth possible. Contact us now, we will support all your technology needs economically and efficiently — those you have today and those that will come tomorrow.