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Building Sales via Social Media

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Building Sales via Social Media

Looking for the "next big thing" to increase your sales? Forget it and focus on today’s big thing – social media marketing – that’s where sales are happening right now! Facet Web Tech is the leading source for effective e-commerce web design in Peoria and the surrounding Illinois communities. We can make social media work for you.



To many in the older generation, hashtags look really silly. If you’re after the net-savvy audience, they are essential; young folks depend on them to know what’s trendy. Pick one that really describes your business, then use it all over the place – "Repetition breeds confidence" is an old saying, but still true! Also, pick a few generic hashtags like #blackfridaybargains and see how they work. Keep using the ones that bring results.


Don’t Hide Your Light

Of course, you already have buttons linking your web pages to your social media accounts – great plan, keep them there. Now, add links to your email signature and blog posts and newsletters. (Don’t have a blog or a newsletter? Call us, we can help!) Every time you put a link in front of a customer, that’s one more chance they will click through it and buy something.


Pictures are Still Worth a Thousand Words

Post on Facebook with a photo and you get more responses. Why? Because those posts are more interesting. Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and other sites are all about pictures, so post a lot of them. The more other people like or tag or mention your posts, the more people see your products. It’s as close to free advertising as you’ll ever see.


Go Mobile

Apps were the next big thing not long ago. Now, if your web presence doesn’t include an app, you’re behind the times. (Don’t have an app? We can help there, too!) Display products, send individual messages to customers, let them place orders – you can even notify them when a package is to be delivered.


Give It Away

Giveaway promotions are classics because they still work. No reason you shouldn’t insist on getting their contact info if you’re giving them a big discount on a purchase or a little free info that they can use. Add an option letting them sign up for a newsletter and you’ve got them.


Facet Web Tech can develop an online presence and strategy that’s right for you. We’re a small, locally-owned business, just like you. Contact us for a review of your needs and we’ll give your social media users just what you need for a very happy holiday season!