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Your Software, Version 2.0

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Your Software, Version 2.0

How much off-the-shelf and custom software do you use? When was it written? How much have computers and the Internet changed since then? Is your software still providing optimal service to your business and customers? How could you possibly answer these questions, you’re not software developers! You just need to call Facet Web Tech, Peoria’s software development experts, because we have all the answers.


First, Ask the Right Questions

Does your software feel like it’s running slower than it used to? Is the software not doing everything you need it to do? Does it cost you more and more to maintain and operate? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider an update, if you answered yes to all of them, call us immediately, you have a problem and your business is losing money needlessly.


Annual Subscriptions

Many major companies now require annual subscriptions to their software. It means that, over the years, you may pay more for that software, but you always have the latest versions.

For the software that doesn’t require annual renewal, you need to take charge and make sure that your current editions match up to your needs. You can bet that a 3-year-old drafting program will mesh smoothly with a 5-year-old accounting package, but the day before a deadline isn’t the day you want to find out you bet wrong.


Investment versus Loss

One recent study learned that IT downtime costs North American businesses over $700 billion annually. That means a potential loss of thousands for small businesses like those in Central Illinois. Yes, you will put money into software development – creating apps for smart phones and other custom software – but it will be money well spent. E-commerce is booming, generating billions in sales every day, and those unwilling to make the right investments lose out.


Partner with the Best

Facet Web Tech develops custom software that does exactly what you need it to do because that’s exactly what it was designed to do. For 30 years, Facet has served the needs of Central Illinois’ business community and we plan to keep doing just that for years to come. Whether you need a mobile app or branding platform built from scratch or you want an upgrade that will better interact with and engage your audience, contact Facet Web Tech, we’ll put our decades of software development expertise to work for you.