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Four Reasons Speed Matters for Your Web Design

April 13, 2018

Website speed: nobody likes visiting a slow website. We’re going to cover a few key points that can’t be stressed enough – your website speed is critical. Here’s why:

SEO Tactics

In short, a slow website will actually damage your SEO strategy, and can even lower your domain authority. People will remember when they click on a search result link, and had to wait while the page took ages to load. A slow site can be scarring for your specific audience, turning away visitors/customers that you may have otherwise captivated.

User Friendly Interface

Website speed plays into your overall design. A good design is going to be user-friendly for navigation and the like, but it’s also going to provide your visitors with a website that they’ll love scrolling through. We’re in an age where we gather information very quickly, and as such, as need to be able to provide that information to potential viewers/readers as quickly as possible.

Saving Money on PPC Ads

Most businesses use PPC advertising, which takes a while to fine-tweak and optimize to save money, and increase customer click-thru rates. The mindset of a user who’s just come through a PPC ad is, “They paid money to get in front of me; let’s see what they have to offer.” Great – you’ve reeled them in, and now, your amazing website design and copy are going to really wow them. Problem is, it doesn’t load quickly enough, and quickly frustrates the viewer. They back out, and you’ve lost money on advertising (and lost a potential client in the process).

Responsive Users

For the first time in history, mobile internet use has superseded stationary internet use. We’re at a fine line just over the 50-50 mark, making responsive websites all the more important. Site speed is a far more critical attribute that mobile users are looking for. They’ll quickly back out of a page that’s taking too long to load, and head on to the next. Making your site superiorly speedy on all platforms is vital.

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