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Why Professional Web Design Services Offer Better Results Than Drag-and-Drop Sites

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Why Professional Web Design Services Offer Better Results Than Drag-and-Drop Sites

Everywhere you look, there’s AI-created website designs and stock photography that’s overused. If you’ve ever looked at a web page design and swore you’ve seen that very same photo or design somewhere else, that’s because you have. Proper design has one trademark: uniqueness. There’s only one way to define your brand’s online presence.


Creating a Memorable Look


There are countless images and designs that give viewers an immediate answer as to what they’re looking at. Then, there’s the “other guys,” the ones who all blend in when they need to be sticking out. Defining which side of the line you’re on comes down to making decisions. Drag-and-drop sites have become common, with major website hosts/builders boasting millions of sites, yet only sporting a hundred (or less) templates. It takes away all traits of individually, which isn’t going to make your brand or name memorable.


The Candy Wrapper Effect


Having excellent web dev to back you is critical. There are little bits and pieces of marketing in every aspect of your website, and it exists at the core of the message you’re trying to convey. Nobody makes a great-looking site just for the sake of doing it – you’re expecting to captivate customers, and actually give views something remarkable to look at that defines your brand.


Think of a candy wrapper, then think of the candy on the inside. One exists to promote and build the image for the candy, while the candy itself is satisfying and exactly what you wanted. Your service and products are unique and exactly what your customers need, but they’re not seeing it first-hand. Drag-and-drop sites are the generic, store-brand labeling of the world. It’s got a faded shine, and it’s overlooked more often than not.


Web Dev Plays into Site Performance


For SEO and general user interface, a speedy website is a good website. With most drag-and-drop sites, there’s lavish over-complicated coding and heavy components that weigh down your site speed. Users are far less likely to stay on your site if it’s slow, pointing them in the direction of your competitors.


Superior Web Dev in Peoria, IL


As your local Peoria, IL website development experts, we’ve been crafting killer designs and making the most functional, responsive websites based on the current market needs. You need a beautiful design to be maintained by a team of experts – you need Facet Web Tech, and we’re only a click away.